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NAAC weekend away – reflections

Posted on: 23/06/2009

Weekend away is the term our church uses for our yearly get together. This year it was held in June at the picturesque Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Sydney.

In previous years, before the arrival of babies, weekend away was a time for day time meditation over God’s word and lots of late night board games whilst savoring yummy asian cup-a-noodles. This year however, being my first time-away with a bub of 8 months, I expected something a little different. In fact, I was prepped for war…

1 week before

Lists were being frantically jotted down in preparation. There was one for feeding, one for sleeping, and changing and also one for playing. Included in the luggage were at least 10 lots of bibs, Bungie’s favourite toy truck and even the little sheep that sang to her before sleeps. Everything and I mean everything foreseeable were being taken up to ensure Bungie’s maximum pleasure and minimum discomfort.

1st day:

The first day went by like a whirlwind as I tried to get used to looking after Bungie in a new place whilst fitting in talks, bible studies and meals. Despite my best efforts though I couldn’t hear much of the talk and spent most of my time looking after baby.

As the all important night time routine approached and hubby was preoccupied with bible studies leading and fellowship, I became increasingly stressed, but knowing how much more important they were, I did my best to cope. 

It was 7pm and Bungie was finally in bed, fed and changed. She went to sleep without a peep of complaint or cry. Yah! 

2nd day:

Hubby must have heard my secret cry as he volunteered to look after Bungie for the whole day. Mommy was finally able to put feet up and sat in on talk!

The book of Jonah was one I have never heard preached before. How refreshing therefore to hear Michael bring to life the situation of Jonah and its application to us. From the talk I came to the realisation that I was not that dissimilar to Jonah, in that I might have ruled out this person or that in the past for salvation as they seemed too entrenched in the world to me and I didn’t consider them having a chance in God’s kingdom. How prejudice was I!?

We ended the talks on a high as we left feeling challenged by Michael to write our own Jonah 4:12 and follow the command of God to spread the word of repentance and salvation to our own city. (Pray that we will persevere)

3rd day:

The morning was spent in prayer and in forward-looking at NAAC’s strategic plan for the year. We were asked to write down the names of people to reach out to this year; I wrote down the names of my sister and mum and an old Christian friend. Let’s pray that I would not forget my commitment and also that God may have mercy on them.

The aftermath:

It’s 2 weeks after the weekaway and as I am writing this reflection I am realising the many things that I should or shouldn’t have done. I wish I had taken up other people’s offer to babysit for me and sat in on the talks and I wish I hadn’t been as anxious about Bungie’s sleep and feed and spent more time enjoying fellowship with others. I wish, I wish… 

But one lesson I will take away for me for next time – no matter the outcome, the worries of everyday will come and go but the lessons of life, the knowledge of God, will stay with you for a lifetime and that is more important than anything else.



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